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Python's Story

The history of Python as a programming language begins in the late 1980s and early 1990s with Guido Van Rossum, a 29-year history of development [1].

At a Christmas in 1989, Guido Van Rossum, who worked at CWI (a Dutch research centre), decided to start a project as a hobby giving continuity to ABC, a programming language that was developed at CWI [1].

ABC was developed in the early 80s as an alternative to BASIC, it was intended for beginners for its ease of learning and use. Its code was compact but legible [1].

The project did not transcend as the hardware available at the time made it difficult to use. So Van Rossum gave it a second life by creating Python [1].

Guido Van Rossum liked the Monty Python group very much, for this reason he chose the name of the language. Today Van Rossum continues to play the central role in deciding the direction of Python [1].

In 1991, Van Rossum released the 0.9.0 version code at alt.sources. In this version we already had available classes with inheritances, exception handling, functions and modular types [1].

In this version appears a system of modules adopted from Modula-3, a structured and modular programming language, which Guido describes as one of the largest Python programming units. For example, Python's exception model is similar to that of Modula-3 [1].

For 1994 comp.lang.python was created, a Python discussion forum that marked a milestone in its popularity and multiplied its number of users [1].


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