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Scientific articles

Scientific publications are those that cover research in all fields of science, including hard sciences such as physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, clinical medicine, biomedical research, engineering, earth and space sciences, as well as political and social sciences. [1].

A scientific publication is the first dissemination of research, with sufficient content for the author's colleagues to be able to: evaluate observations, repeat experiments and evaluate intellectual processes, carried out throughout a research process. In addition, such publications must be available to the scientific community without restrictions for periodic review. Scientific publications make it possible to make known the most recent findings in a given field, so that these data can be public and useful to continue building knowledge. [1].

What are APA Standards?

APA standards originate in 1929, when a group of psychologists, anthropologists and business administrators agreed to establish a set of standards or rules that help codify various components of scientific writing in order to facilitate reading comprehension [2].

As in other editorial styles, APA standards focus on defining the uniform use of elements such as [2]:

  • Margins and format of the document.
  • Punctuation and abbreviations.
  • Font sizes.
  • Construction of tables and figures.
  • Citation of references.


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